Sunday, 6 August 2017

Manic Street Preachers - Ocean Spray

Know Your Enemy represented, among other things, the era of the dance-remix-for-b-sides for the Manics. I can see why - they had a wide fan base at the time, and it made sense to take as many in-roads to other genres as possible, at least from the record label's perspective. I guess the band listened to and approved all these remixes, but I imagine most of them they could take or leave. (That said, the band had been dabbling in remixes from the start and had seen a fairly wide range from Everything Must Go onwards, although I dare say the quality there was somewhat better than here.)

This is a one-sided promo of the Medicine remix of Ocean Spray, which I found in a second hand record shop in Bournemouth for £5. It was a lot to spend for one song, especially a remix that I knew would probably be shit, but I was buying everything I could find by the band back then. The remix here is terrible. I mean, really bad. If it wasn't for the fact it says it on the sleeve, I'd barely be able to tell you it was a remix of a Manics song, let alone Ocean Spray. They appear to have sampled about 10 seconds of the original song and dicked around with it for what feels like an eternity. Really nothing to enjoy here at all; basically just another record sleeve on the shelf.

Format: 12", one-sided promo
Tracks: 1
Cost: £5 second hand
Bought: Bournemouth
When: 30/10/01
Colour: Black
Etching: none
mp3s: no