Tuesday, 18 December 2018

EMA - Marked

I've got a huge amount of time for Marked. It was the highlight of the Gowns Latitude session record and a big part of the reason I checked out EMA's solo work. I was disappointed to find that the studio recording wasn't on Gowns' Red State album, so was pleased to hear it on her first solo LP, Past life Martyred Saints. This is the same version that appeared there. I definitely prefer the live Gowns recording, but as I mentioned before, this tells the same story in a different way.

There were a bunch of reasons why I bought this 7", but one of them was just that Marked is such a great song I felt bad that this 7" was languishing in Norman Records' reduced record bin. Another reason was that it was languishing in Norman Records' reduced records bin and £1.80 is a bargain. It was one of their periodic massive online sales and I was buying a bunch of other records - it was a happy addition to my basket. Finally, there was a b-side I hadn't heard and thought would be worth a listen. There's a verse in Angelo rapped by a musician named MZ Gorjis, which came as a surprise. When Erika sings at the same time it really work (or works as a b-side - I think it would have sounded out of place on any of her albums). It's got very 80's sounding synths and is quite fun. Definitely worth the £1.80.

Format: 7", diecut sleeve
Tracks: 2
Cost: £1.80 new
Bought: Norman records
When: 13/04/17
Colour: Black
Etching: none
mp3s: None